Full Biodegradable Food Service Sample Pack

This is a full sample pack of our biodegradable food serviceware - in addition to literature, the pack includes items from the following categories: cold cups/lids, hot cups/lids, cutlery, straws, plates, bowls, bags, ecoflame, napkins, hot bowls/lids, hot boxes, cold bowls/lids, cold boxes. If there is something in particular that you are especially looking for, then let us know in the comments sections so we get you as many sizes as possible. May not be available on expedited orders. The pack is a great value because it also includes the following: (1) a pack of cutlery, (2) a roll of biobags, (3) a pack of bagasse plates, (4) a pack of pla corn plastic cold cups and (5) a pack of 8/10 ounce pla/paper hot cups. In the option area you may choose your preference for the item size/brand/type, but if we are out of what you choose we will automatically substitute another item.

K10000US $25.00cutlery:  biobags:  bagasse plates:  cold pla cups:  hot pla/paper cups: